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2023 Conference Schedule is here

Registration: Regular rates are $150 for full, assoc, and asst professors, $100 for adjuncts, and $100 for graduate students. Observers (non-presenters only) can obtain a $75 for a day pass or $150 for the entire conference.


Kindly pay through PayPal using as the recipient.

As the hosting institution, CUNY and Brooklyn College faculty, staff, and students can attend for free. Please contact Dr. Michael Menser for registration

(No refunds)

Philosophy of the City—Brooklyn  

10th Anniversary Conference 

October 4—6, 2023 


Keynote Speakers: Lewis Gordon (University of Connecticut), Paula Cristina Pereira (Universidade do Porto), and Michael Nagenborg (Twente University), 

The Philosophy of the City Research Group (POTC RG) is a global community of scholars dedicated to understanding the city and urban affairs. We invite you to join us for our tenth-anniversary conference.


Presentations on any philosophical issue about cities are welcome.  Some topics include urban aesthetics, housing, local governance, conceptualizing cities, policy, infrastructure, distribution, recognition, urban technologies, nonhuman considerations, water issues, feeding the city, street art, energy, mobility, city life, urban culture, justice, the city in philosophy’s history, discrimination, public space, immigration, examining specific cities, urban expansion, and defining the city.


For individual submissions, provide abstracts of 300 words. For panels of 3-4, each abstract should be 200 words. The submission portal is available here. Deadline: May 1, 2023. 


We are pleased to offer a Graduate Student Presentation Award of 300 USD and refunded registration ($50) to be given at the concluding ceremony. To be eligible, indicate a desire for consideration at the end of the submission. All participants are encouraged to submit revised versions of presentations to the Philosophy of the City Journal.


A special panel featuring Shane Epting, Michael Menser, and guests will discuss philosophy of the city’s progress, and possible future directions will be announced. For more information and questions, visit The Philosophy of the City Research Group’s website.

Modern Architecture
Modern Architecture


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